Due North


Our Goal

At every stage in the Sketch to Launch process, our goal is to move technology out of the lab and into the world. Bringing first-in-class products to market, many of which require FDA or other regulatory clearance, we strive to bring thoughtful, human-centered innovation forward.

What Motivates Us

Coming together with unique passions in science, technology, the arts and innovation, every member of the Due North team is driven to use his or her expertise for the betterment of others. While it can be cliche to say “we just want to help people”, that really is the fuel that fires us.


Michael Baker Partner

Brenda Edin Partner

Magdalena Czarnievicz Quality Manager

Sudeshna Dutta, PhD Translational Strategist

Maria Pearman Young Controller

Leo Cecilia Software Manager

Hannah Jones Commercialization Associate

Kevin Crawford Development Associate

Kelsey Moede Staff Accountant

Peter Kearns IT/System Support

Selah Drain Associate

At Work

Together we move mountains to bring your idea to life. Follow our Process here.